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Rift Africa. Ltd. is an African company that has been created with the sole purpose of developing partnerships and relationships with high profile companies to be part of developing Africa in the 21st Century. The Partners represent more than 80 years of experience advising and implementing programs on economic and development matters at the highest level of Nations Building, Government Relations, Multi-National Corporations, Infrastructure Projects, Logistics and Development free zone projects in Africa. Rift has and can provide tailored made solutions and guidance to Nations and companies at all levels of governance and partnership. Rift Africa operates with the highest level of ethics, transparency and accountability. Its team comprises professionals with global expertise.

Owner Association Management

As an innovative facilities management partner, Siginon Logistics now offers services to various types of jointly owned properties including residential, commercial and mixed-use owners’ associations in the Middle East and North Africa. Siginon Logistics takes on the administration, technical and financial management on behalf of the owner association, assisting in its relationship with the service providers.

Our values

Our values sit at the core of everything we do. In addition to challenging us to go the extra mile for our clients and employees, these values embrace leadership and integrity, ensuring that we always operate openly, transparently and honestly.


Integrated Facilities Management

As facilities managers, we know the asset is just the beginning. Our clients’ facilities are ultimately about the people and businesses within them. We embed ourselves in our clients’ organisation and ensure our service is integrated and aligned with their short and long-term strategic objectives.

Community generation

Rift Africa has an enviable track record of delivering projects in a way that maximizes the benefit to local communities worldwide and develops construction solutions that consider the long-term impact on the communities in which we work.


Our Projects

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